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I’m an entrepreneur and co-founder of Debugging Minds. My entrepreneurship goes all the way back when I was 12 (or maybe 11) and later joined the entrepreneurship club in secondary school. I was always selling something but it took me years to realize that being an entrepreneur was in my blood.

For the love of music: I love music. I listen to almost everything that has a really nice beat and rhythm. You might just catch me dancing in the supermarket! I’ve written a number of songs and in 2014 decided to release a single called “Me and My Guitar.” Check out it in my Music section. Everyone has a favourite artist, so, just in case you’re wondering, here’s my favourite band: Westlife (love love love their songs!!!)

Sometimes, I also like to write. Started out with fiction stories back in secondary school but as of now, it’s been some time since I wrote fiction. But I always felt there was this need to write just to share thoughts and ideas. So, hang around my website for awhile and I hope you find something that could make your day more joyful. I can’t guarantee there will be regular updates (feel free to hit the subscribe button because you won’t be getting a gazillion emails filling up your inbox) but I do hope you find something useful for yourself or for someone who you think could benefit.

Have fun. Stay happy. Be joyful. Be Inspired.